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Wella is committed to making sustainability a priority and improving all areas of the business in order to significantly reduce the impact we have on the environment. By focusing on formula transparency, packaging footprint, and sustainable salon operations, we are confident that we can make a change for the better together.


Earth Day 2021_ Our Sustainable Packagin
Earth Day 2021_ Our Sustainable Packagin
Earth Day 2021_ Our Sustainable Packagin
  • Formula: Most of our formulae are plant or mineral-based

  • As part of our transparency initiative, we have made a list of all our product ingredients available to professionals and consumers. Click the link to learn about our ingredients.          Find Out More

  • Less & Better Packaging: 80% of our consumer/stylist facing packaging is already recyclable and we want to increase the use of PCR plastic, aluminium and cardboard.

  • Sustainable Salon Operations: Globally we are on the journey to train ~3000 salons/yr on sustainable salon operation practices such as energy and water-saving (The beauty industry consumes 100-300 billion gallons of water/yr, equivalent to 150,000-450,000 Olympic swimming pools).

  • Manufacturing: Our biggest plant Rothenkirchen uses 100% renewable electricity and a carbon-neutral gas supply, offset through the purchase of Gold Standard, Voluntary Carbon Standard credits. We are also proactively exploring similar interventions in our other plants.



Founded by environmental experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners, Green salon Collective is the original authority on salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland. They are supporting the Hairdressing industry by recycling the unrecyclable.

Wella has partnered with Green Salon Collective to improve sustainability, and provide education, marketing, and accreditation to our College Partners and Salons.

As a Wella College you are also eligible for the excusive Wella discount on your first order with Green Salon Collective. Contact your Wella representative and visit for more information.


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